How to Wear a Maxi Dress in Fall

As the cooler weather hits, some of you girls might be getting ready to say goodbye to your beautiful, long, flowy, floral maxi dresses and returning to a uniform of jeans and trousers. Maxi dresses are a true Muslim Girl staple in that they provide modest coverage with very little effort!

There are so many different ways to wear a maxi dress in the Fall, ways that will update and change your look as you transition from Summer to Fall.

Wear a sweater on top

Wearing a sweater or shirt on top of your maxi dress can easily give the illusion that you’re actually wearing a shirt with a maxi skirt underneath, but the extra layer of fabric under your sweater will help keep you warm as the weather turns cold.

Pick a chunky, thick sweater that’ll keep you warm and will look cozy. If your dress is printed, add a solid sweater in a similar colour. It’s an easy, casual look that’s perfect for day or night!

Wear a tie-front shirt

Tie-front shirts are super casual, and so this is a great style for casual days or for the weekend. You can pick a tie-front shirt or use any button down shirt to make your own tie-front shirt by buttoning halfway and tucking in the extra material. Check out this link for more information.

This is a great way to easily transition from Summer to Fall, since tie-front shirts are very casual and cute. You could also change up the print or fabric of the shirt to change the look; for a more preppy style, why not go for a denim or chambray tie-front shirt?

Wear a cardigan

Wearing a cardigan is an easy way to transition your maxi dresses from Summer to Fall. Unlike wearing a sweater, wearing a cardigan helps you preserve the top part of the maxi dress so you can show of any ruffles or cute details on the shirt of the maxi dress. Wearing a cardigan on top is another way to keep warm, without having to ditch your beloved maxi dresses.

Choose cardigans in Fall colours, like grey, maroon, green, teal, etc. to escape a summer look. Pair with a chunky belt, either on top or under your cardigan and you have successfully transformed your maxi dress. If you’re bored with plain cardigans, why not try some fun asymmetrical ones  for a more layered look? You could easily add a chunky scarf, some long necklaces, and bangles, and have a more casual, boho look.

Wear a jacket

If it’s cold, then you might already be thinking about wearing a jacket or blazer, but why not incorporate it into your outfit? Pair your fun, flowy summer maxi dresses with fitted and structured jackets to make them more formal and Fall-appropriate. Go with dark colours, like army green, brown, black, or dark denim. You could even pick your girliest, floral maxi dress and pair with a bomber or leather jacket to move away from your summer style.

Another (secret) way to keep warm while wearing your maxi dresses in the Fall is to wear tights underneath your dresses and skirts. It’s a great way to keep your legs warm, especially since the nights can get rather chilly in the Fall and flowy dresses aren’t the best to keep your legs warm!

Fall doesn’t mean that you need to banish your maxi dresses to the back of your closet until Spring! By adding a few simple changes to your look, you can easily transition your maxi dress from Summer to Fall. We hope you found some tips on how to wear a maxi dress in Fall!

Keep smiling, beautiful girls!

With love.

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