How to Wear a Jumpsuit

Just like the maxi dress, the jumpsuit is a fabulous modest piece of clothing that covers your body from neck to toe! They’re currently in fashion, which means that dressing modestly and looking stylish aren’t too difficult.

What’s wonderful about the jumpsuit is it’s loose fit. The top part is usually worn loose and has a drawstring which means you can taper the jumpsuit to your waist. The pants come in a loose cut, and some are even flowy, like palazzos.

Jumpsuits are a perfect summer outfit, but they also transition well into Fall, since they can be dressed up and down, and can be layered regardless of the temperature. So here’s how to wear the jumpsuit; a stylish, yet modest piece!

Shirt Underneath

Just like the maxi dress, jumpsuits often come sleeveless or in short sleeves. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add sleeves! Pair your summer jumpsuit with a cotton t-shirt in any colour for a cool, effortless, laid-back look.

Or if you want to dress up your chiffon or silk jumpsuit, add an Oxford or button-down shirt for a more professional, polished look.

Either way, just make sure that your jumpsuit is loose enough to allow some breathing room inside so that the excess fabric from the shirt doesn’t cause any bulges.

Add a Belt

Most jumpsuits already come with a drawstring as a belt, and many already have belt hoops already sewn in them and come with a belt that is the same fabric as the jumpsuit. Keep the drawstring belt for a casual look but consider upgrading to something bolder to make a statement.

You can pick a thin or thick belt to really play up the colours of the jumpsuit, or pair it with gold or silver belt to really dress it up.


The easiest fix for a jumpsuit without sleeves is to wear a cardigan on top. It looks chic, and it also keeps you warm as the weather changes.

Change up your cardigan length to keep things interesting. Add a long, floor length cardigan or kimono to glam things up a bit. If your jumpsuit is plain, add some patterns and textures in your cardigan or keep it plain and elegant if the jumpsuit is busy.

For a more casual look, simply add a shorter cardigan or one that passes your bum if you’re concerned about covering up.


Heels always dress up any outfit, and can really dress up or down your jumpsuit. Pair your jumpsuit with wedges for a casual, breezy look or with flats for a busy day of running errands.

When you really want to dress up your jumpsuit, pair with some skinny heels to take your outfit from day to night. Even if your jumpsuit is plain, heels will make it look so much more chic!


Jumpsuits can come in a variety of fabrics. If you want a jumpsuit that’s more versatile, go for something silky and flowy as that will ensure that you can dress it up when the occasion calls.

Just like the maxi dress, jumpsuits are a one-piece item that are easy to pull on and go out with. Instead of fumbling with two or more pieces, you only have to put on one (if you’re lucky), plus something to cover the arms. They’re loose enough without being clingy, and so can look modest and chic.

So try a jumpsuit today and fall in love with its versatility!

Hope you girls found this useful.

With love.

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