The Look of Layering: How to Layer for Fall

Fall is the season for layering. Not only does it look nice, it also provides the dual purpose of keeping you warm in the cooler weather. Instead of busting out your winter coat, layer on your clothes to keep more cozy!

There are so many ways to layer your clothes; you can layer textures, colours, patterns, or lengths. Below I’ve compiled a list of ideas on how to layer for Fall using different items of clothing. Have a look!

Sweaters on top of dresses

Pairing a sweater with your dress is a nice way to keep wearing your summery, maxi dresses on the cooler days with Fall. If your dress is flowy and lightweight, pick a chunky, thick sweater to wear with it. If you’re a wearing a darker solid, A-line dress, add a colourful cardigan to brighten things up a bit.

You can do the same with a maxi skirt; wear your fun, summery maxi skirt in the Fall by simply adding a warm, cozy sweater.

Button-down shirt under sweater

This a Fall look that I’m sure you’ve seen several times, but it’s still a classic. Pair your favourite button-down shirt with a V-neck sweater. Pull the bottom of your button-down shirt so it hangs lower than the bottom of your sweater. You can also pull the cuffs of your button-down and then cuff them over the sweater to complete the look.

To play with textures, you could wear a lighter, flowy button-down under a thick, cable-knit sweater or a denim button-down under a knit pullover.

Jackets under jackets

If you’ve got a few different kinds of jackets, there’s no reason why you can’t layer them and wear them together! When layering jackets, wear your shorter jackets inside your longer jackets. There’s no reason why you can’t wear your denim jacket under a leather jacket or under a trench coat. The different textures of jackets can also look quite nice, especially if you leave the jacket open so all the layers are visible.

Wearing a blazer under your Fall coat or trench is another way to layer jackets.

Long sleeves under short sleeves

If you don’t wear short sleeves, chances are you’re already doing this! Pairing a long sleeve shirt under a short sleeve or spaghetti strap one is another way to layer. Instead of wearing the same colour, wear a different coloured shirt underneath your short sleeve one to create a contrast with the sleeves. To create a more formal look, you could also add a button-down under a spaghetti strap or short sleeve shirt or dress.

Short with long

When layering your clothes, there’s no rule that says you have to wear shirts and sweaters of the same length.  If you’re adding a sweater or cardigan to your outfit, it can be shorter or longer than the shirt or dress you’re wearing. Play around with varying lengths to change up your look of layering. This is one way you can change how your outfit looks, especially if you’re wearing the same dress or shirt. By simply changing the sweater you wear on top and the length of layering, you’ve changed the entire look!

how to layer for Fall

Add a scarf

Adding a scarf is another very popular way to add the look of layering to your outfit. Not only does it keep you warm, but it easily also adds layering to your outfit. By simply playing around with the texture of your scarf, as well as how low it drapes, you can change up your entire outfit.

Some hijabis are afraid of wearing scarves, because they fear it’s too much with the hijab, but adding a neck scarf to your hijabi outfit is a great way to layer. If your hijab isn’t that low and doesn’t cover your front as best as you’d like, try adding a neck scarf and piling it around your chest area to give yourself more coverage.

There are so many different ways you can achieve the look of layering for this Fall. It doesn’t always have to be about layering lengths, but can also be about layering textures, patterns, and colours.

So don’t be afraid to experiment when thinking about how to layer for Fall. There’s no right or wrong way to do it!

Hope you found this useful! Keep smiling, beautiful girls!

With love.