Hijabi Tips: How to Prevent Hair from Escaping

how to prevent hair from escaping

If you’re a hijabi, you’re certainly familiar with the annoying problem of hair escaping from your hijab. Whether you wear a scarf for a few minutes to pray or go to the masjid or for hours, hair often escapes the hijab and comes out to bother you by going back in and then coming back out within a few minutes. So here are some tips to prevent hair from escaping your hijab.

The easiest way to prevent hair from escaping your hijab is to wear an underscarf. Underscarves are great because they neatly tie up your hijab and keep it tucked under your hijab with no chance of escape. But if you can’t find underscarves anywhere or if you’re looking for a quick replacement, a headband is a great alternative.

Headbands keep your hair back even when you’re not wearing hijab, so there’s nothing stopping you from wearing them under your hijab! Hairbands are a great way to keep your hair from escaping, especially in the summer when it’s so humid out and hair has a tendency to slip out and escape.

The headbands that are best to wear under your hijab aren’t the hard ones, but the soft fabric ones. Just slip them up over your head, and over your bun and adjust it so that it’s right where your forehead ends and your hair begins. Some people like to have this fabric peek out from under their hijab and coordinate their headbands with their hijab, by pattern or colour.

Some great places to buy inexpensive headbands are H&M, Aldo, Ardenes, and Forever 21. They often come in packs of 2 or more and so it’s easy to mix and match and get a few different colours and patterns.

Headbands are a great alternative to underscarves in the summer because they aren’t heavy and don’t cover your whole head, making it easy for your hair and scalp to breathe and not overheat! So grab a pack of some colourful headbands and ditch the underscarf for the hot summer months. It’s a great way to prevent hair from escaping and it prevents you from overheating.

Hope you found this useful! Keep smiling, beautiful girls.

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