Hijabi Tips: How to Make Necklaces Longer

how to make necklaces longer

If you’re a hijabi, perhaps you have experienced the crushing disappointment in a store or online when browsing cute necklaces only to discover that they’re too short. I too have experienced this and have turned away from many pretty necklaces because they just weren’t long enough to show under my hijab.

So after years of abandoning chain necklaces because of the length, I finally discovered how to make necklaces longer: safety pins!

Safety pins come to the rescue when trying to extend your chain necklaces past your hijab. You can add one or two or several to add as much length as you need to your necklace so that it becomes the necessary length.

What’s great about safety pins is that you can’t really see them the underneath the hijab since it gets covered up by fabric, so all you get is a longer necklace without the safety pin showing.

This is a great trick even if you don’t wear hijab, since you can tuck the pin part of the chain under the back of your shirt if you want to lengthen your necklace. This trick also works well for layering necklaces, since you can add or remove safety pins from different necklaces to get the change the length of each necklace to achieve layered effect that’s so in.

If your hijab is a drape one that falls low in the front, you can also pin the necklace to your hijab and then rearrange the drapes of your scarf to conceal the pins. So many different ways to use safety pins to add length to your necklaces.

Hope you found these tips on how to make necklaces longer useful! Keep smiling, lovelies!

With love.


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