Hijab with Scarf

Winter is a time to be bundled up: heavy, thick coats, gloves or mittens, hoods, layers upon layers, and of course, scarves!

As a hijabi you might wonder how you can pull off wearing a scarf with your hijab, but there’s so many ways. Whether you wear your hijab in a turban style, or in the drapey way, there’s a scarf style for you!

You can either choose the same colour or colour scheme as your hijab for your scarf or go with a contrasting colour. You can wear your scarf on top of your coat or under it; you can go with patterns if your scarf is plain and vice versa. There’s woollen scarves that are thick and warm or you can just wrap one of your hijabs around your neck.

There’s also an increasing trend of blanket scarves that you can wrap around yourself. You can knot your scarf under your hijab and let it dangle, or wrap it over your hijab and loop it around your neck. You can also add a fake fur stole around your shoulders for a completely chic look! There’s so many different ways you can wear a hijab with scarf.

Hope you girls found this useful!

With love.

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