Hijab Pin Storage Ideas

If you wear hijab, chances are you have a bunch of pins lying around almost everywhere! Whether it’s in your bathroom, on your dressing table in your bedroom, stashed somewhere close to the door for emergency hijab wearing, or even in your purse, you’ve probably got them everywhere!

Here are some ideas to store your hijab pins in a fun way, so you don’t end up stabbing yourself more often than you have to.


Pin cushions are a great solution for hijab pins, since they’re already designed to keep pins upright! Plus they’re easy to find since they’re an important tool for sewing. You can find tons of cute options online, especially on Etsy, or even make one yourself! If you’re looking online, you might even be able to find one that is 2-tier and can hold your safety pins and no-snag hijab pins as well.


The pin frame is such a cute idea to store your hijab pins. It looks nice on your dressing table since it’s classy and cute. Again, if you’re into DIY and arts and crafts you can make one of these yourself, or just buy one online. If you choose to make one yourself, you can get pretty creative with the style and colour of the frame, and even the fabric for the cushion part. You can go with an antique frame for a vintage feel or something more modern for a contemporary look.


If you’ve ever bought a box of mints, you might have a hijab pin box already lying around your house! These are great to store some extra pins in your purse, as an emergency stash, because we’ve all lost a hijab pin when we’re out and about! They’re also the perfect size to store your straight pins, and a few safety or no-snag hijab pins, without bulking up your purse. You can also use this as a simple, hassle-free way to keep your pins at home, out of sight. Feel free to jazz up your mint box with fabric or paper to really personalize it.


Jewellery boxes make great hijab pin storage boxes. Sometimes you can find small, ceramic ones that are quite decorative which can be used to store your pins. Or you can also go with someone bigger that has 2 or 3 separate units and use them to separate your pins; the fancier ones can go in one section, while the straight ones can go in another, and then your safety pins and no-snags can go in another. It’s a great way to organize your pins!


There are so many different ways you can organize your hijab pins! As more and more Muslim entrepreneurs open up shop, there’s even more options to buy boxes or cushions or frames that are made for specifically hijab pins. You could also make your hijab pin storage box, which is a great way to be creative and have some fun! No matter which way you decide to store your pins, just make sure you can find them when you need them.

Hope you girls found this useful!

With love.


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