How a Healthy Lifestyle Makes a Happier You

How a Healthy Lifestyle Makes a Happier You

Last week, I gave you ladies 6 easy ways to get active. They all seemed simple enough, right? But – let’s take a step back for a second and ask ourselves why we should even care about being active. Cars were made for a reason and that being to make it easier for us to get around. Escalators are so much more convenient than taking the stairs; spending money on fitness classes seems less attractive than a nice burger and fries meal with friends at the local take away joint. What would be the point of changing your lifestyle?

There are some days when you will feel stressed. There are days when you will feel like your world is too heavy and your shoulders do not have the strength to continue to carry the burdens that you have. There will be some days when you feel unwell and your body will not be as you wish it were. There may be days when you look in the mirror and do not feel content with what is looking back at you. Other days, you might find it a struggle to get out of bed and do your daily chores, simply because you lack energy. We all have days like this. Days like these, however, make us sad and upset. None of us like being unable to live life.

Life has struggles and tribulations – that is a given. However, treating your body kindly and maintaining a healthy lifestyle as a Muslim woman (or Muslim Girl!), helps you to maintain a strong physical and mental capability that will help you through these moments. Really? Can a healthy lifestyle make you a happier you? Here are just 4 ways that you can benefit from a healthy lifestyle:


Natural Happy Hormones

Exercise is known to release “Happy Hormones” or in scientific terms, Endorphins, Serotonin and Dopamine. Both of these naturally produced hormones play a role in keeping you feeling happy and pleasure from life. By working our regularly, you increase the level of these hormones which helps beat depression and low moods. This is especially key in times when you are more likely to be affected with mood issues such as during your exams or when you are experiencing grief or difficulty at home.


Strong body

By eating well and staying active, your body will be strong. I am not talking about the strength to pick up a bus but rather strength in day to day activities. Being able to carry your own shopping bags or opening the jar of jam is a triumph within itself. As Muslims, we need our bodies to be as strong as possible. If your legs are weak, we find it difficult to stand in Salah. If you suffer from knee or back pain, going down into sujood is difficult. These factors alone can be disheartening and cause great sadness.


Reduced tiredness

If we were to only eat junk food and take away meals, we would find our energy levels would plummet greatly. While these foods are high in calories, they do not provide the nutrition you need to fuel your body. Over time, you will find yourself lacking energy. Remaining active and eating good, nutritious foods greatly counteracts this. Being tired and unable to chase after your kids or go out with friends can be really upsetting – get yourself moving and eating well to avoid such days!


Beautiful skin

Now, we all know that no lady wants blemishes and zits on her face. We spend so much money annually as a cohort of women on products to hide our bad spots and intensify our beauty. Our external appearance is a direct result of how we treat our physical self. Drinking water, eating well and ensuring we exercise all play a part in developing healthy, bright and beautiful skin. A much cheaper way for flawless skin!


Aishah is a medical doctor, weight loss coach and personal trainer. She has a keen interest in promoting a healthier lifestyle for Muslim women and blogs regularly on health, fitness and personal development. Aishah provides as unique service, both online and face-to-face, offering fitness coaching to Muslim women all over the world. Visit her blog Grains and Gains and follow on social media: Instagram andFacebook