Having Faith in Allah

Having faith in Allah

Sometimes life takes us by surprise, and sometimes things happen to us that we have no idea how to cope with. In trying to figure out how to cope with things, we can become so consumed by the problem that it becomes difficult for us to see the solution. All we see is the problem. This can even cause us to stop having faith in Allah.

Just like when we can forget Allah when good things happen to us, it is also likely that we forget Him when bad things happen to us. We may begin to think that Allah does not care for us and that He has left us in this predicament because He is punishing us and wants us to suffer. We become so caught up in the stress of the situation and our emotions that we forget to ask Allah for help.

We forget that Allah warned us in the Holy Quran that this world is a test. It’s not meant to be easy. If it was easy, it would paradise. But it’s not. It’s the Dunya, and it’s meant to test us in ways we can’t imagine. Because this life isn’t permanent. It’s temporary. And so when you have problems in your life, it doesn’t mean that Allah doesn’t care for you or that He has forgotten you. He is simply testing you, to see how you react. Do you continue to have faith in him or do you abandon hope altogether?

No matter how big we think our problems are, we have to remember that Allah is bigger than them. He is master of the universe, He is the creator, He is the mighty. If He cannot help us, then who can?

Allah has the power to turn things around in an instant, and so never give up hope that change is coming. In the Quran, He reminds us, “Verily after hardship, there is ease. Verily after hardship, there is ease.” (94.5-6). Allah tells us this twice because He wants us to know that there is hope. After the darkness, there is light. And so we should never give up hope that things will change.

So continue having faith in Allah and continue making dua. Don’t give up, no matter how dire things may seem. Allah listens to all duas, so keep making them, even though it might seem like things haven’t changed. They will, InshAllah. Maybe not the exact way you want them to, but they will. So hold on.

With love.


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