Growing Apart from Friends

Growing Apart from Friends

Some of us have had the same friend or group of friends while growing up. Even if we’ve changed schools or neighbourhoods, we’re still in touch with those friends that were there with us in our childhood and formative years. It’s like they’re an extended part of our family; we simply can’t imagine life without them. So when we start growing apart, it can be alarming and confusing.

When our friends start changing in ways we don’t agree with, it can be hard. It’s especially difficult when you’ve grown up together and have done everything together. This can happen especially in teen years, when some of us fall prey to the pressures of our peers and start doing things we wouldn’t otherwise do . Some examples might be stealing, smoking, dating behind their parents back, cheating, etc.

As their friend, you want to change them back into the person they used to be. The best thing to do is to talk to them. Tell them that you’re concerned about them. This can be a difficult conversation to have with a close friend since you don’t want to come off judgemental. But just let them know that you want the best for them.

Maybe your friend will heed your advice and drop whatever bad habit they’ve developed. But there’s also a chance that they don’t, and choose to distance themselves from you. This can be extremely difficult, but at the end of the day, you can’t force them to change. Try to stick with them and provide them with support and guidance; you never know when they could turn around. But there is a high chance that you will grow apart, especially if your values and beliefs are so different. And that’s okay too. The only one who can will them to change is God so the best thing is for you to pray for them.

Growing apart from friends is a natural part of life. As we grow up, we change, and so do our friends. They like things we don’t like, and sometimes we like things they don’t like. It’s normal. Changing and growing up are all part of life. It can be hard to reconcile these changes, but you’ll always still have the memories, even if you don’t have the friendship.

Hope that helps!

With love.