Get Spring Ready


With the cold weather finally gone and the beautiful rays of sunshine peeking through puffy, white, gorgeous clouds, it seems like Spring has finally sprung! So banish those winter blues and say hello to warm, balmy days and get spring ready!



It might still be early for completely open sandals, but peep toe shoes or wedges are a wonderful alternative. They let your feet have a bit of freedom after being cooped up in stuffy socks and clunky boots all winter. Give your feet some air by sitting them down in a lovely pair of peep toe wedges or shoes. They’re perfect for both casual and business attire, and can do wonders to your outfit by dressing it up or down.



What better time to break out the pastels than spring? Nothing says spring and summer than light shades of pink, blue, sea green, and purple, all as light and frothy as cotton candy. Clothes in pastel shades can sometimes be see-through and might not suit everyone. So if you want to flirt a bit with pastels, why not add a shade of pastel to your outfit like a light pink bag, a sea green tasselled scarf, or a pair of mauve, dangly earrings?



Every year, florals make a triumphant return during spring and the patterns keep getting more and more beautiful everywhere. There’s just something about floral patterns that symbolise a return to life, a renewal of hope, and freshness. But just because florals are the pattern of the season, doesn’t mean you need to deck yourself out from head to toe in them! Add a cute flower ring, a flower hijab pin, a blazer in a fun, colourful pattern, or floral patterned pants. There’s so much you can do to add this fun and bright pattern to your wardrobe!



With the return of sunshine and warmer weather, we aren’t so scared of the wind anymore and don’t need to be bundled up in thick clothes. Choose pieces that let you and your body breathe! Pick clothes that are loose and airy; not only are they modest, but they’ll also help you battle the heat as the days get hotter. If maxi dresses and skirts aren’t your thing, choose wide-legged trousers in linen or cotton materials, and loose, long tunics.



Spring is the perfect time to try out that new, bright lip colour. Break out of your comfort zone and go for that fuchsia or coral you’ve been eyeing for some time. Bright lip colours are a fun way to update your look, without being too dramatic. As long as your outfit isn’t made up of lots of bright colours, there’s no reason why your lips can’t be a bright colour. So have fun and experiment!



With winter fading quickly in our rear view mirrors, there’s no reason why you should stay cooped up inside! Many of us get in the habit of only venturing outside for necessary tasks in the cold and bleak winter months, but there’s no reason that should continue in spring.

Many of us have busy lives and can sometimes really forget to go outside and “smell the roses.” So take some time out of your busy day and just go outside. If you’ve got to do something on your computer or if you have paperwork, take it outside. Read a book outside. Play a sport with your family and friends in your background. You won’t believe how much it’ll refresh you to breathe in clean, fresh air and just hear the sounds of the world outside you.


Spring is a time of renewal and revival. So don’t just renew your outfits, but also your priorities in life and get spring ready.

With love.