Five Reasons Not to Wear Hijab

five reasons not to wear hijab

Are you thinking of starting to wear hijab? You might think that you deserve a pat on the back, a big congratulations, a high five, etc. but that may not be the case…

Why? Because you might be doing it for ALL the wrong reasons!

Here are five reasons not to wear hijab.

…because your family wants you to.

Some girls are pressured by their parents and family to start wearing hijab. Your parents might have your best interests at heart, but you should not take the decision of wearing hijab simply because your parents tell you to. Wearing hijab is a big decision, one that you should not take lightly. If you are only doing it because of external pressure, then your intentions are not sincere.

Think about it carefully before you decide. Make sure it’s you that’s making the decision because you want to, and not because you’re being forced to. Try to explain this to your family, and hopefully they will understand.

…because you want to fit in.

With hijab becoming more and more popular, especially among younger girls, you might feel like you don’t feel like you fit in because you don’t wear hijab. Don’t feel that way! Like so many other things, there is a hijab culture that exists that can make you feel left out simply because you don’t choose to wear hijab. Don’t let looking different from the people around you force you into making a major decision. Because if you’re doing it for other people, then you won’t get the rewards for it. Do it for Allah and no one else.

…because other people make you feel like you’re not a good Muslim.

Dressing modestly is just one facet of being Muslim. Don’t let hijab be the be-all, end-all definition of what it means to be a good Muslim. And don’t let it be the measuring stick with which you judge people (don’t judge, period). You might look at a hijabi and assume she’s a good Muslim, but you don’t know that she swears a lot, never prays salat, and is rude to her parents. By the same token, a girl who doesn’t wear hijab could be pious and virtuous, she just doesn’t wear a piece of fabric on her head. Only Allah knows.

So don’t let one piece of clothing be your definition of what it means to be a good Muslim.

…because you want to impress someone.

Yup, you heard us! Don’t wear hijab because you want to impress someone. Whether it’s a boy or a friend or a teacher, just don’t do it! More often than not, there are guys out there who want girls who wear hijabs as their wives. And then girls go about changing themselves to be the kind of girl the guy would like, including wearing hijab, just because the guy likes it. If the guy likes pierced tongues, are you going to do that to?

Don’t decide to wear hijab because of someone else’s preferences. The only one you should aim to please is Allah, and no one else.

…because you think all hijabis go to heaven.

Sorry to break it to you, but they don’t! There is nothing out there that is guaranteed to get you a ticket to jannah, unfortunately. And that includes hijab.

The hijab is simply one aspect of dressing modestly, which is just one aspect of our beautiful religion Islam. Wearing hijab is great, but it doesn’t exempt you from praying, reading Quran, doing good deeds, etc. Everything counts and everything matters.


So if you’re thinking about wearing hijab, think carefully about why you are doing it. Is it because you’re doing it for the sake of Allah and because you love Him? Or are you doing it for someone else? Deciding to wear hijab is a big decision so don’t take it lightly and don’t do it for the wrong reasons.

Ultimately, when and if you do choose to wear hijab, do it because you understand the reasons and the benefits. And not because you feel like you have no choice.

Hope this helps.

With love.


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