Fall Wardrobe Colour Palette

With the change in weather comes a change in colours in the landscape. Gone are the bright and light colours of Spring and Summer. With the arrival of cooler weather comes warmer tones in the landscape and that’s my inspiration for today’s Fall Wardrobe Colour Palette.

Earthy tones are quite popular for Fall/Autumn, especially dark reds, greens, navy, browns, purples, and mustard. Most of these are the colours found in the changing colour of leaves, and they look nice when paired together. With the cooler weather, warmer, earth tones feel more comforting and even cozy. There’s nothing that says that you only have to wear a monochromatic colour palette! Pair your earthy tones with dark prints. There’s no reason why you still can’t wear florals in the cooler months; with your florals, pick up the green of the leaves or red of the flowers for a more warm look. Another pattern that looks nice in the Fall is plaid. Pair your plaid shirts or dresses with loose, cardigans or chunky sweaters for a cozy, warm look. Just because it’s Fall doesn’t mean that you only have to wear dark colours. Brighten up your wardrobe with reds and mustards, two of the brighter colours in the Fall Wardrobe Colour Palette. Both colours make a statement, and always look great with black pants, skirts, scarves, or bags. If trying to dress up your wardrobe, try adding a pop of gold. Gold is another colour that is brighter than the others, and naturally adds a touch of sophistication. Pick pieces with gold details, like studs or zippers. Or add gold to your outfit through your accessories, like rings, earrings, or necklaces. Chunky belts with gold buckles can also look nice. If you wear hijab, pick up one of the darker colours from the rest of your outfit. Thicker pashminas look lovely in the cooler Fall months, especially since they have the added benefit of keeping you warm! There aren’t any hard and fast rules when it comes to changing your colour palette for the Fall. If you love bright colours, keep wearing them! If you like changing your wardrobe according to the season, try some of these warmer, earthy tones for the Fall. I hope you found this useful! Keep smiling, beautiful girls. With love.