Eid Outfit Lookbook

It’s almost time for Eid, girlies! Whether you’ve decided your Eid outfit already or whether you’re still mulling it over, I’ve put together an Eid outfit lookbook for you all!

Eid is a celebration and it’s a wonderful reason to get dressed up, go to the masjid, enjoy with family and friends, and make lots and lots of dua.

Given the fact that Eid is in the summer this year (for most countries anyway), I’ve picked colour palettes that are a little softer, like pastels to keep that fun, summery vibe. But some of you might have evening engagements to attend, so I’ve also included some dark outfits for a little more drama.

Have a look!

If you’re looking to dress up a plain outfit, add a sequined top, a glittery clutch, a bold statement necklace, or flowers in your hair/hijab! Whether you wear pants, a maxi skirt, or a maxi dress, there are many ways to add some fun and glam to your outfits to make them special for Eid.

If you decide to go with an abaya, there are so many beautiful, dressy abayas on the market that you can also wear on Eid; add some fun, colourful heels, some glitzy accessories and you’re ready to go. Or if you’re South Asian, pick a bold, bright summer colour shalwar kameez and have fun playing with the dupatta.

Make sure you dress for your day; if you’re going to be out and about going to the masjid or visiting friends and family, dress comfortably so you’re relaxed. Or if you’re spending the day at home entertaining guests, make sure your clothes won’t be a hindrance.

Whatever your plans on, make the most of the day! After fasting all month, Allah gave us Eid to celebrate so cherish those around you and enjoy the day. Make dua that your fasts and prayer have been accepted by the Almighty and give thanks that you got to experience another Ramadan.

Hope you girls found this Eid Outfit Lookbook helpful! Keep smiling and keep making the most of this blessed month.

For more inspiration, check out our 2015 and 2016 Eid Outfit Lookbooks as well!

With love.


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