East to West: Bring A Touch of South Asian Fashion to Your Western Wardrobe

Many of you readers are from South Asia. Some of you still live there, while some of you have your roots there as your parents or grandparents immigrated from there.

Some of you might think that East and West can never meet, and you might be adamant on sticking to your South Asian outfits for certain functions and wearing Western clothes the rest of the time. But it doesn’t need to be such a strict separation! South Asian fashion and trends are beautiful and unique. Some versions of them, for example the ‘henna tattoo,’ have made it over to the West while others have not.

This post is dedicated to show you girls how to add a touch of South Asian fashion to your Western wardrobe. So you can mix and match to your hearts content. Check it out!


South Asian bangles are absolutely gorgeous! They come in every colour imaginable, and no two set is identical. Bangles can be readily bought in stores like H&M and Forever 21, and are made of metal rather than glass. As awesome as these Western bangles are, they don’t hold a candle to their South Asian counterparts! The South Asian versions are just so glamorous.

Instead of reaching for your metal bangles next time you’re stepping out in a pair of jeans a top, try throwing on a couple bangles from your South Asian wardrobe! You don’t have to wear the whole set for the effect to take place. The great thing about bangle sets from South Asian countries like Pakistan and India is that they come with a bunch of different bangles in one set. They’re all different styles and designs, but when paired together, they look amazing. And so you can even pick a few of the same ones from the same set to wear with your Western outfit for a touch of glamour.


South Asians love head or hair jewellery, whether it’s the single chain teeka or the half circle maatha paati. They;re often worn on fancier occasions, such as weddings, pre-wedding parties, and other fun and colourful occasions. But that doesn’t mean that’s the only time you have to wear them!

The Western counterpart to the maatha paati is the head chain and it can be found everywhere. It looks great when paired with maxi dresses or skirts, for a bohemian look, or you can also wear one on a night when you’re dressing up. It doesn’t matter if you’re attaching the maatha paati to your hair or to your hijab, both looks are a quick way to add some glamour to whatever you’re wearing!


One of the best things about getting shoes from South Asia is that they’re no less fancy if they’re flats! Shoes from this region are decked out with gems, jewels, and beads galore, regardless of whether they’re heels or flats, so you can choose to wear flats and still look fabulous! Again, they add a touch of glam to any outfit; pair your flat South Asian shoes with a pair of jeans and watch how your outfit will instantly look so put together.

Purses and clutches can be a hit and miss from South Asia. Some of them are extremely fabulous and unique, while others a bit too colourful. Regardless of your personal taste, grab one of your clutches or purses from your South Asian wardrobe for a boho look.


Mehndi is just so quintessentially South Asian! Many girls only put it for weddings or before Eid, and then their hands are bare the whole year. But if you love mehndi, who says those are the only times you can wear it?

With the invention of henna tattoos, now you can be sporting a hand full of henna all the time! It doesn’t have to be a full hand or anything very fancy for it to make an effect; it can just a single line of geometric pattern as well. There’s also the option of white henna nowadays as well!


This one is a bit more unusual, but just because it’s unusual doesn’t mean you can’t do it! If you’ve ever worn a lengha outfit to a wedding, chances are you have the gorgeous, full skirt sitting somewhere in your closet. Lenghas can be absolutely stunning, since they’re often full skirts and have TONS of volume. They also come in gorgeous, bright colours that are perfect for summer, and some even have beading and other details which means you can wear them when you want to feel glamorous!

But instead of wearing them with the top that came with the outfit, why not pair your lengha with a simple black t-shirt to really let it shine? Or add a simple blazer on top for a more formal, but still trendy look. There’s no right or wrong way to do this; don’t be shy to try this! Although we might caution you against wearing your bridal lengha with a t-shirt…


East and West don’t need to be banished to opposite corners of you closet, never to meet! It’s okay to let them mingle a little bit, every now and then, especially since South Asian fashion and trends are fun, glamorous, and unique!

So if you’re South Asian or even if you love South Asian fashion, don’t be afraid to experiment and add a touch of it to your Western wardrobe.

With love.

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