Daily Dose of Deen: Power of Dua

power of dua

Many of us get stuck in a rut and become depressed thinking that there is no way we can change things. We think that because everything has been decreed by Allah, there is no way we can change ourselves or our situation. But that’s because we have forgotten the power of dua.

In the Quran, Allah reminds us time and time again to ask Him for things. Whether they’re big or small, just ask. Allah likes it when we ask Him for things, and we often forget this as we become wrapped up in the struggles of this world. We think that this is the what Allah has decided for us and there is no point in asking Him to change it. But that couldn’t be further from the truth!

Yes, Allah has written things for you and nothing takes place in this world without the knowledge of Allah. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t ask Him for change. The power of dua is immense.

Often times we get stuck on this notion that we can only ask Allah for the big things. And while that’s true, it doesn’t preclude us from asking Him for the little things. Want to find parking in a packed parking lot? Make dua. Want to get a good grade on a test? Make dua. Want to get a job? Make dua. Want to increase the number of hits your website gets? Make dua. Want a sick family member to get better? Make dua. Want to be able to provide for your family better? Make dua.

Making dua doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t work hard for the things you want and just sit back without working for them. Work hard, study, put all your efforts into the things you want and make dua. It’s a combination of everything. Don’t become proud and think that things happen to you simply because of your hard work. It’s all because of Allah and His plan for you.

So ask Him for the things you want, for the things you need. The power of dua can change the course of our lives. So don’t neglect it.

A reminder for myself before anyone else.

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