Daily Dose of Deen: Manners

good manners

Many of us get caught up in morally trying to direct others. It’s so easy to preach to others, and tell them what we think they’re doing wrong. Our intentions may be good, but we might discourage someone from Islam or from practising it by our manners.

The best way to invite someone to Islam is not through our words, but through our actions. Even though our words may be an invitation to faith, the way we speak them may not. So it’s important to remember that our actions themselves, the way we interact with people, the way we speak, the way we work, etc., are all representations of our faith. It sounds so simple, but we often forget the importance of saying hello and asking people how they are. Things like holding the door open or helping an elderly person carry something to their car are very basic, but are simple gestures that can the world to someone. So if you want to invite someone to Islam, don’t do it through harsh words, but with your sweet actions.

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