Daily Dose of Deen: Jealousy


Many of us know the dangers of jealousy and probably also know the adage that often comes with it, “Think about the people who don’t have anything!” Knowing this, sometimes the best of us can be caught in a wicked torrent of jealousy.

It can creep up on us in the most inconsequential ways, as we admire someone’s clothing, accessories, lifestyle, experiences, friends, family, etc. Our intentions may be good as we praise someone but it can quickly turn into the green-eyed beast as that tiny voice in the back of our mind reminds us that we don’t have what the other person has.

If we do not tame that beast called jealousy, it can quickly transform into an all-encompassing feeling of ungratefulness that permeates our whole life, taking all of our good takes and destroying them. And Allah does not like those who are ungrateful.

And yes, the advice of thinking of those who have nothing has been said to death, but it’s true. Yes there are things you don’t have, but there are also many things that you do have. There are many out there that dream of the things you take for granted. And there will always be those out there who will always have more than you do.

Allah blesses us all in different ways. We don’t know why He has given some things to some people and not to others, and it is not our duty to question. If there’s something you truly want that you feel is missing in your life, ask Allah for it or work hard for it.

And the next time you feel that bout of jealousy creep up, stop. Say Alhamdulilah. Make a quick list, on your phone or on a piece of paper, of all the things you have. You might find that the list is quite long. Save it for the next time you feel like you don’t have anything, but in reality you have so much.

Daily Dose of Deen is a daily feature that aims to uplift your spirits and put a smile on your face.


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