Daily Dose of Deen: Gratitude


We all face challenges in our lives. It’s inevitable. That’s just the way life on this Earth is. It’s meant to be filled with trials and tribulations, for it is a test.

The test isn’t so much one of physical endurance through these hardships, but instead is one of our attitude. How do we act when we are struggling and have nothing? How do we act when we are blessed and have everything?

Gratitude is an attitude. And it’s one we should implement into our lives, regardless of the circumstances.

It’s easy to stack all the negatives in our life into a neat little list and line them up before Allah. It’s much harder to take those negatives, and find the positives hidden behind them. It’s even harder to look at those positives and negatives and to be grateful for them.

Yes, it’s challenging. It’s difficult to look for the light in the darkness, but you have to remember, there is always light. Whether it’s something small, find something that’s good about the situation. Make the most of the situation, because believe it or not, it can be worse.

And it’s usually only when it gets worse do we realise how easy we had it before and how ungrateful we were before.

So before that, practice some gratitude. Make a list of all the positives you can think of: you have a roof over your head, you have a job, you have food on your table, you have a family that loves you, you are healthy, etc.

Indeed Allah swt has given us a lot. If we only took a moment to appreciate it all, we’d realise that we’ll never be able to. For Allah’s blessings upon us are boundless.

Practising gratitude doesn’t mean just when things are tough. It means remembering Allah when things get better. So many of us receive the answer to our prayers but we so often forget to be grateful to Allah for them. We move on to the next problem and forget to be thankful.

So practice gratitude in your daily life. Be grateful for all the little blessings in your life, and InshAllah Allah will grant you larger blessings.

A reminder for myself before anyone else.

Daily Dose of Deen is a feature that aims to uplift your spirits and put a smile on your face.

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