Daily Dose of Deen: Dealing with Death

Dealing with Death

So many of us become consumed by this life and forget that death is guaranteed. Regardless of how rich or poor we are, how good or bad we are, how humble or greedy we are, we will die. All of us. Many of us forget this while enjoying the pleasures and dealing with the problems of this life. We think we’re immune to death but we’re not.

It’s only when we lose someone we love that we realise the temporary nature of this life. Someone that we imagined would be there forever is suddenly gone and it can become difficult to reconcile this person’s sudden disappearance from your life.

The Quran constantly reminds us of the temporal nature of this life, and Allah tells us that we must all return to Him. But we often forget this when someone we love dies. We blame Allah for taking away our mother, father, aunt, uncle, grandparent, friend, etc. and get upset with Him. We forget that Allah has promised death to each and every one of us, and that no one is exempt. None of us know how we’re going to die, whether it will be when we’re young or old. No one goes before their time; only Allah knows the time of death for all of us. He has written is in advance and so whenever he decides to take any of us off this earth is the right time. It’s the exact time He decreed.

That doesn’t mean you can’t mourn and grieve for the one you lost. It’s okay to cry. Crying doesn’t mean that you disagree with Allah’s plans. It just means that you miss the person who passed away. And that’s okay.

But it’s also important to not go overboard, for example by wailing, hitting yourself, or starving yourself. The best thing you can do for that person is make dua. And forgive them for any wrongdoing they did upon you. If we forgive the wrongs of others, Allah will forgive our sins.

And know that like that person died, so will you.  So remember death at all times. This life is short and our deeds in it will affect our afterlife.

A reminder for myself before anyone else.

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