Daily Dose of Deen: Reading the Quran

Reading the Quran

When we encounter problems, we often turn to other things to find comfort and hope. We turn to other people, to TV, to movies, to music, to food, etc. to find that comfort and hope.

And those things may calm our nerves or distract us from the problem, but they are only temporary. Instead we should remember to read the Quran.

SubhanAllah, the Quran is filled with ayats on every topic and theme. Allah has provided guidance for us in His book, but we often ignore it, for want of other things. Regardless of your problem, reading the Quran will provide you with the solution and the hope that you need.

So next time you’re stressed or worried or confused, open the Quran. Read it. Whether it’s one ayat, two, or twenty, the serenity of the words that Allah has decreed will wash over and cloak you in comfort. And soon enough you will find solutions for your problems, InshAllah.


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