Daily Dose of Deen: Planning Your Life

planning your life

Many of us are planners and we begin planning our life from a very young age. We plan on what we want to be when we grow up, where we want to live, when we want to get married, how many kids we want to have, etc. Rarely do our plans pan out, yet we continue to hold firmly to them, getting angry when they don’t work out. But what we don’t remember is that we are not the real planners of our life, Allah is.

When planning your life, you undoubtedly set goals for yourself on when you want to accomplish or achieve certain things. And there’s nothing wrong with doing this. But it’s important to remember that things don’t always go the way we want them to. Instead, God often has a different plan for us.

Often, we think that we will achieve certain things by a certain age or stage in our life. If we’re ready to get married, we want it to happen now. If we want to pursue a certain career or get a job, we want it to happen now. If we’re ready to have kids, we want them now. If we want anything, we always want it now. Or soon enough.

But we often forget that the things we think we want now aren’t best for us now. Only Allah knows what is right for us, and when it’s meant to happen. We can plan our lives all we want, and think that what we want is best for us now, but it may not be. We may think that we are the planners and masters of our lives, but that is not the case. The things we so desperately want to happen now in our lives may in fact be detrimental to us, and we may not be as well equipped to deal with them as we may think we are, and it may be better for us for them to happen at a later time. We don’t know that. Only Allah does.

So have patience and have faith in Allah when planning your life. He will give you what you deserve when the time is right, and not before.

A reminder for myself before anybody else.

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