Daily Dose of Deen: Friends


Many of us have many circles of friends; friends from school, friends from work, friends who have known us since we were babies, friends of the family, friends we only hang out with when we want to do certain things, friends who make us laugh, friends who make us want to break the rules, and friends who make us happy.

We’ve all heard of the saying that talks about how we all become who are friends are and it’s true. Think about it: many of you have spent your entire life with your family and undoubtedly you have inherited qualities from your family. Some obviously from genes, but others from spending time with your parents and siblings day in and out when you had fewer friends and when your world was smaller.

As adults or even teenagers, we spend our days with many different kinds of people and for different reasons. But we do need to be mindful of who we give our time to most and the characteristics they have, because it’s more than likely that we will eventually become like them and inherit their qualities.

So choose good companions. Choose friends that will make you want to be a good person, make you laugh, make you happy, encourage you to pray, and remind you to remember Allah.

The gatherings in which Allah is mentioned are blessed, so mention Allah often when you are with your friends. Share a hadith or a story of the Prophet, peace be upon him, break your fast together, attend Islamic lectures or conferences, or just pray together. The more you remember Allah, He will remember you.

So think about the kind of person you want to be and think about the friends who spend the majority of your time with. Will they help you be that person? Will they help you return to the right path when you’re lost?

Our friends have a huge impact on not only what happens to us in this life, but what we do for our afterlife. So choose the right ones.

A reminder for myself before anyone else.

Daily Dose of Deen is a feature that aims to uplift your spirits and put a smile on your face.


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