Daily Dose of Deen: Caring for Parents

caring for parents

I’m sure many of you have heard of the Quran ayah that talks about caring for parents, as well as the hadiths that also implore you to do the same. But we all still need reminding

Many of us forget that as we get older, our parents also get older. We seem to take them for granted, as well as everything they do for us. As we grow up, we seem to think that we don’t need them anymore. We’re adults now and we can do everything now. And so we shun our parents efforts of helping us away, telling them that we don’t need them anymore.

We have forgotten the fact that there was a time when we could not eat, could not walk, could not speak if not for our parents help and guidance. We have forgotten all the sleepless nights they sacrificed for us, all the toys they bought for us to keep us entertained, and all the love they showered on us.

Or we get so lost in the world and in other people that we forget those that made their whole world about us. We make friends and are embarrassed of our parents since they aren’t cool enough or funny enough or we think they’re just plain weird.

We have forgotten the ways we used to burp and soil our diapers and scream loudly in department stores thereby embarrassing our parents. We have forgotten the embarrassing things we’d blurt out as children when in the company of guests. We have forgotten the silly faces and funny noises they’d made to entertain us, regardless of who was watching.

We have forgotten so much.

But Allah has not forgotten. And He reminds us in the Quran that even if we were to try and repay some of the care our parents bestowed upon as an infants we would not even be able to compare to the care our parents showered on us. But we can most certainly try.

So put down your phone and spend some time with your parents. Talk to them. Ask them about their day. Don’t wait for mother’s or father’s day to buy them presents or flowers. Take the time to really listen to them when they talk. Cook for them. Pray with them. Aim to make them happy. Make them your whole world like they made you theirs.

A reminder for myself before anyone else.

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