Daily Dose of Deen: Beauty of this World

beauty of this world

Stop. Take a minute and just close your eyes. When was the last time you admired the scenery, the landscape, the sun, the grass, the stars as you drove to your destination? When was the last time you appreciated the beauty of this world?

SubhanAllah, Allah has created such a beautiful universe and we often never take a single second to appreciate it and praise Him. We’re so caught up in our lives that we do not take a minute to acknowledge and admire the world that lies outside of our phones and computers. We’re so caught up in ourselves and our problems that we do not realise the bounties that our Lord has provided for us.

I’m not talking about the grand sweeping scenes from cinematic movies. I’m talking about the tiny dandelions, the ones we call weeds, that push through the harsh winter ground every spring, about the way the clouds loom over our heads, sometimes in the span of a few minutes, sometimes in the span of a few hours, about the intricacy of the bees hive, and the way thousands of worker bees produce a few spoons of honey, about the fragrance of the roses, and about the vibrant shade of green of grass after a few thunderstorms.

If only we took a few minutes to admire the beauty of this world we would realise the order and structure that Allah has created. If only we could appreciate the depth of Allah’s power, the greatness of the universe, and the splendours of all His creations, we could realise how small we truly are.

Appreciating the beauty of this world is a way to appreciate Allah and all that He has created.

Yes we have invented rockets that take us to the moon and beyond. Yes we are able to breathe underwater. Yes we can see the bones inside of people’s bodies. Yes we fly above the clouds in massive machines.

All of this is amazing. All of these things were unimaginable even 100 years ago, yet we have come so far. And so we become proud in our abilities to create beauty we cannot imagine. But we shouldn’t forget the original Creator who created us and who allows us to create. For we are nothing without Him.

So pause and appreciate the beauty of this world, for it surpasses everything we have created.


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