Boot Styles to Try

Fall or Autumn is the best time to wear boots! Why? Because there’s no snow or slush to ruin your cute boots and it’s chilly enough outside that you want your feet covered and cozy.

There are so many styles of boots out there, some tall, some short, some with a pointy heel, and some with a wide heel. It’s fun to experiment with all the different kids. Today we’re going to show you a list 4 boot styles to try this year. Hope you find it useful!



Booties are short boots that sit just around the ankle. They can be a cute alternative to the classic long boot shape and easily be used to dress up an outfit. Like many others boots, booties come in a variety of heel style; you can have wedges, chunky heels, and skinny heels. They often come in laces, but they can also be slip-on with cuffs around the ankle area. Pick a colour other than black to break up the norm.



Short boots differ from booties. They go higher than the ankles, but don’t quite reach the knee. They sit somewhere in the middle. When going for short boots, pay attention to the details found on them. There’s so many different styles to choose from! Some zip up on the side or back, like knee-high boots, while others are slip on. Lots of them have cute details like lace, buckles, and other patterns and designs that can change it up. Short boots often have a more casual look to them and look great with jeans.



Knee-high boots are one of the most common style, since they’re comfortable and look great with almost everything. They usually reach the knee, or sit right below it. They also come in a variety of heels, and so it’s important to think about how you’ll wear your boots. Do you actually plan on wearing them eventually in the winter and in the snow? Then perhaps avoid heels, except perhaps wedges which provide more support on the ground. Lots of knee-high boots come flat as well and give you a good grip on the ground so you’re not sinking through the snow.

Knee-high boots often have a side or back zipper, and lots of cute details as well. They also come in a wide-calf option now which is great since it means more girls can be comfortable in knee-high boots.

Some great ways to dress up your boots is to wear leg warmers underneath them to keep even more cozy! Or if you love the look of lace, you can get lace additions that peep up just over the top of your boot to give that girly look.



The newest member to the boot party are over the knee boots. They’ve become pretty popular recently and are more of a bold look than the other 3 styles. They can skim a little higher than the knee or they can go as high as the thighs! They can come with laces or zippers and make quite a statement when you make them because they’re so obvious.

Many girls wear short dresses with them, with a bit of leg showing in between the end of the dress and the top of the boot. But wearing them with your modest outfits of pants and shirts or dresses is also doable. The only thing to note is that your shirt or dress shouldn’t touch the edge of your over the knee boots; it might make your legs look short and stumpy. Aim to have a gap between the end of your shirt and the boots, where your pants can show, to elongate the leg. This is why shorter tops tend to look better with over the knee boots.


And those are some boot styles you can try! Don’t be afraid to experiment with colours and other fun details to really change up your look.

Hope you beautiful girls found this useful!

With love.