7 Cute Winter Date Ideas

7 Cute Winter Date Ideas

Winter can be a dreary time. It’s cold and windy, and there isn’t really much to do. It’s too cold to spend too much time outside and people just end up staying home and not doing much.

But just because it’s Winter doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything to do! There’s so many cute and fun dates you and your hubby can go on, whether you like to spend time outdoors or not. So have a look at our list of cute Winter date ideas and start planning!


If you and your hubby like to learn, head to your local museum! There’s so many different kinds of museums so try to find the ones that would interest you. Whether it’s history, science, or art, there’s surely something for both of you. Even if both of you are into different things, chances are you’ll both find something that will interest both of you.


Another option if you’re fond of learning. But one that involves live animals! The great thing about the aquarium is that it’s indoors. So if you guys love animals, it’s a great Winter alternative to the zoo.


Everyone goes out on dinner dates, but why not go out on a dessert date? This is a great option especially if your watching your wallet since dessert isn’t as pricey as dinner. Plus you get to enjoy the environment and atmosphere of a nice restaurant, and a yummy dessert.


So it isn’t a fancy date, but isn’t the point of a date to spend time with your hubby? And in the Winter, it’s usually so cold that you don’t really feel like getting out of your car, so why not turn you vehicle into a date! Grab some hot drinks, tea or coffee or hot chocolate, and set out to go on a long drive. Maybe there’s a part of town you’ve always wanted to explore but never have. Or maybe you want to see the city lights? Either way, sitting in the car with your husband is a great time to really talk and spend some quality uninterrupted time together.


Are you the outdoors type? Maybe you and your husband aren’t deterred by the cold weather! If so, why not try a new Winter sport. Ice skating is fun because you can do it at your own pace. Even if both of you have never been, you can learn together. Pick a night when it’s not too cold and make sure you bundle up! Or if you’re not into skating, there’s always skiing and snowboarding too.


This is a date idea that is a nice way to spend time together, no matter the season. But it’s especially nice in the Winter when you don’t want to leave home but want a nice change from the routine.

Is there a dish you both have eaten at a restaurant and want to recreate? Or just a new item that you want to learn? Why not learn together! Make an evening out of it and do a full 3 course meal, like you’re at a restaurant, but instead cook all the things you both love. It’s such a great way to spend time, especially because breaking bread with those we love brings us closer together. Light up some candles and really make it an occasion.


Do you remember that excitement you had as a kid over the first snow or when there was enough snow to build a snowman or make snow angels? Recreate those childhood memories with your husband!

Bundle up in your thickest coats, gloves, and scarves, and find a park nearest you, if you don’t have a backyard. Make a snowman, have a snowball fight, make snow angels, or just take a walk and enjoy the beauty around you. As bitterly cold and miserable Winter can be, it can also be quite beautiful.


Staying in at home is usually the preferred activity for couples in the Winter, but it doesn’t have to be! There’s still lots to do.

Hope you beautiful girls found this useful!

With love.


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