2016 Eid Outfit Lookbook

Ramadan is almost half over and that means it’s time to start thinking about Eid!

While we often worry about Ramadan being in summer because of the long fasts and hot days, we’re excited about celebrating Eid in the summer because of the long days and beautiful weather! Summer is already such a festive time of year, and celebrating Eid with family and friends in the summer makes it even better.

We’ve got a beautiful collection of ideas for you to get inspiration from. As usual, these are just ideas of outfits and dresses for you to browse; we don’t sell any of these outfits nor do we know where many of them are from. They’re pure inspiration!

Here are some tips to start thinking about what you want to wear on Eid this year, regardless of what you’re doing.


If you’ve got a full day of plans, chances are you might not have time to change outfits between them! So if you’re wondering what to wear, think of an outfit that can go from day to night. Pick colours that are neutral and that look good in both day events and evening parties. Greys, navies, and greens are all great colours to wear for both, since they aren’t too light or too dark. Go for a long maxi or a classic abaya if you want to get the most out of your outfit. You can also easily switch up your accessories and your makeup to make your look more dramatic for evening. All it takes is some sparkly bangles or rings, a jewel toned heel, and a bold lip, and you’re good to go!


Because the weather is so beautiful, you might find yourself being invited to an outdoor event on Eid day, or in the days after, whether it’s a BBQ at a family member’s house or a friend’s annual Eid picnic.

If you’ll be outdoors for a long period of time, pick fabrics that aren’t too thick or heavy. You want to have fun without overheating! Also, try to avoid a complete white outfit because there’s chances you’ll get something on it by the end of the day- unless you’re very careful.

For an outdoor event, don’t be afraid of playing with colour, for example a bright scarf, some neon coloured bangles, or even a bold coloured outfit. Summer is such a great time to wear bold and fun colours, so don’t be afraid to do that on Eid day.

If you know you’ll be outdoors for a long time, skip the stiletto heels- unless you’re comfortable in them! Go with flats or a wedge or even a platform heel to ensure that your feet won’t be screaming at the end of the day.


For some of you, Eid might be the only day you wear cultural clothes out of the whole year. So don’t dread it, but embrace it! Whether you’re Afghani, Malaysian, Indian, Pakistani, or South African don’t be ashamed of your culture. The beauty of Islam is that it allows us to incorporate our culture where we can and where there’s no clash with our faith.

And the best part of many Asian, African, and Middle Eastern cultural clothes is that they’re already modest! They’re also quite colourful and come in different degrees of fanciness, which makes them perfect for a celebration like Eid.


Abayas might seem like traditional Arab garb, which are more suited for the masjid, rather than a celebration outside, but that’s changing! As we’ve seen, abayas have recently gotten a makeover, and become very trendy and chic. Instead of simply fulfilling the purpose of covering up your clothes worn inside the abaya, the abaya itself has become an outfit!

Abayas come in so many different shapes and sizes nowadays, and so you’re completely spoiled for choice! There’s abayas with colour blocking, ombre shades, gold detailing, subtle sparkles, flowy, dress-like shapes, wide sleeves, gorgeous prints, and so much more. There’s abayas for every occasion, which makes them perfect for Eid day, because you can go from the masjid in the morning to a party at night.


Whether your outfit is plain or fancy, there’s no doubt that accessories can really add a lot of sparkle! If your outfit is on the plain side, use accessories to glam it up. Pair your outfit with a new or different hijab to take your outfit up a notch. Go with a lace or pom pom hijab, and add a statement necklace in either gold or silver and bangles or bracelets on each hand. Shoes are also a game-changer; pick a jewel-toned heel or flat to add some pizzazz!


The wonderful part of Eid is coming together after a month of fasting to celebrate with one another. The beauty of Islam is such that we all are equal and stand next to one another, no matter what country we’re from or how rich or poor we are. We are all equal in front of God.

So no matter what you’ll wear, it’ll be a day worth celebrating for sure!

We hope you found this helpful! Be sure to check out our Eid Lookbooks from 2015 and 2014 as well, for even more style inspiration. Happy fasting!

With love.


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